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vehicle tracking

Do you have access to information that can increase your bottom line?

  • Cost Savings;
  • Improved Efficiency;
  • Improved Performance;
  • Increased Security; and
  • Improved Service.

PELtrak Benefits

PELtrak is a virtually real time, fixed price, tracking system that lets you see where your assets are 24/7 and provides you with management reports that ensure you make efficient use of staff and resources, saving you time and money and ensuring your customers get the best possible service.

It is feature packed but we have tailored our fixed price costs to suit every pocket – you only pay for the parts of PELtrak that you actually need. All this is available from any computer with internet access or a smart phone with 3G service.

Contact us now to find out how PELtrak can save you money and make you stand out from the competition.

The Product

vehicle tracking

Peltrak provides a robust mapping center that can be accessed anywhere in the world via the Internet or a smart phone.

The mapping center provides multiple layers of geographic information (road types, bridges, tunnels, landmarks etc..) and a variety of location services. Vehicle position, speed and direction can be displayed in real-time on the map or in detailed history/activity reports.

Dispatchers can zoom directly to exact addresses, street intersections, or locate the closest vehicle to a specified address.

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