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At Patterson Electronics Ltd we are interested in more than just a sale and endeavour to build long-term relationships with our Customers. The sale of equipment is just the start.

Patterson Electronics employ highly skilled Technicians who can configure, install and maintain a wide range of mobile communications and mobile data equipment from our fully equipped workshop in Belfast.

Initially recruited for their previous technical training and experience, our technical staff are further trained, either by our suppliers or internally. All our technical staff are currently enrolled on the Motorola Technical Associate program and we are Patrons of FITAS.

FITAS is the accreditation scheme for installers of electrical communications equipment into vehicles. Evolving from the Silver Award Scheme, FITAS has become the recognised industry accreditation of an installer’s good workmanship, proven knowledge and practical ability to provide a quality, safe install.

We can install all types of mobile communications and data equipment whether we have supplied it or not. All installation work is carried out to FCS1362 (formerly MPT1362) standards using only the best installation materials.

Patterson Electronics can service and maintain mobile communication equipment from most manufacturers. Using calibrated test and repair equipment and utilising our large stock of spare parts we aim to complete most repairs within 3 – 5 working days. Sometimes this can longer depending on availability of parts from some manufacturers.

Our expertise and quality service is not just recognised by our many loyal Customers but also throughout the industry. Patterson Electronics are contracted to many communications equipment suppliers throughout the UK and Ireland, including such well known names such as BT, In-Touch and Tracker Network, to provide installation and maintenance for their NI based Customers.

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