Short-Term Hire

Good communications are essential when organising a large event – not just from the convenience of being able to contact staff who, by the nature of event management, are mobile about the venue - but also from a health and safety point of view. Where large numbers of the public gather good, timely, communications can mean the difference between a life or death incident.

At Patterson Electronics we have over 40 years experience of hiring the latest equipment from the leading manufacturers to event organisers and we are the only Northern Ireland Company to be registered with the RADIOCOMMUNICATIONS QUALITY COUNCIL SILVER AWARD SCHEME for business radio short-term hire.  

Whether it’s two walkie-talkies communicating over a short distance or a two hundred unit, multi-channel wide-area system we have the equipment available for short and long term hire. We also have a full range of accessories, from simple earpieces to noise cancelling headsets, allowing the equipment to be used privately or in high noise environments. Our hire fleet also includes complimentary products such as megaphones and hand-held metal detectors.

For events where there are several groups of organisers and participants we work closely with the regulatory body to co-ordinate the use of hire channels to ensure that the individual systems do not interfere with each other and we also have our own exclusive channels available for use with our hire equipment.

We also have extensive experience of hiring for construction projects with our hire equipment being widely used by the leading construction companies.

If you have a short-term need for two-way radio contact us now to find out more about our competitive hire rates or to book the latest radios.

Dedicated hire department
Over 40 years experience
Local Company with local knowledge and local service
RQC quality certification
Ofcom licensed two-way radio hire Company
Large hire fleet of current model Motorola and Hytera two-way radios and accessories
Competitive pricing